Flashlights are portable sources of electric lights that help us to see in dark environments. There are many flashlights out there that do serve different purposes including for the purposes of; hiking, biking and many more thus getting the best flashlight is quite necessary. These flashlights are portable, so it would not seem as if you are carrying anything.

You can easily find so many flashlight brands in local stores and online stores as well at different prices depending on their features like the batteries, how long the light can stay shining and many others. The many existing brands have made it hard to select the best but here are some things to lookout for when choosing your flashlight.


The two main types of flashlight batteries are rechargeable and non-rechargeable. There are several types of flashlights that can contain one type of the battery or the other. A non-rechargeable battery is ideal for anyone who walks about from time to time. You can always get spare pack of batteries whenever there is need. They are easy to dispose, cheap and can be found anywhere and at all times.

Anyone who is always on the move should go for flashlights with rechargeable batteries. These flashlights will help you in saving money and time.

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Lumens and Light Output

Lumens are the units that are used in measuring light output. When a flashlight’s lumens are high, the easier it is for its light to beam. A flashlight with a light output of 1500 lumens is going to shine brighter and cover a further beam distance than that with 300 lumens will. When choosing a flashlight, pick one with a lumen capability that will fulfill your needs.


Not everyone looks at durability when purchasing a flashlight but it is an important factor to consider when making a choice. Durability test is not difficult to achieve and brands always ensure to carry out a quality and durability test that prove the durability of their flashlights. It is therefore necessary to go for flashlights that are; waterproof and impact resistant which can be thrown off a cliff and still work.

The durability of a flashlight is what; police officers, construction workers, firefighters or any other job that needs to survive rough situations such as falling from higher distances. If the flashlight is for regular use, then paying attention to the impact resistant ability of the torch or flashlight is not all that necessary.


The budget is another thing to look out for when selecting a flashlight since not everyone would want to spend a fortune of flashlights. This does not mean that cheap flashlights do not work well as there are some cheap or affordable flashlights that are quite durable and can shine for long.

People who are interested in high performance flashlights will have to spend more money because at times, “more is more” and the difference may vary in terms of the features and capabilities of the flashlights.

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Flashlights can be a life saver in cases if emergencies, it is highly recommended to carry one at all time.

When choosing the best flashlight suited to your needs, make sure to review all the different properties of the flashlight.